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Mayla Newborn Photos

This sweet little baba has one very loving family, and is showered with stunning vintage gifts from grandmas and aunties. With a talented mommy photographer she is also going to grow up having stunning photos taken of herself :D We had a lovely time capturing these sweet moments, and Mayla was so good for us :)

Kailen 2nd Birthday Photos

We had a bright sunny day to celebrate Kailen’s Wreck it Ralph birthday party. With lots of fun on the waterslides :D Kailen really had a great time, especially when he got to wreak his cake hehehehe

Nokogadi Newborn Photos

Sweet little Nokogadi is one blessed little girl ♥ With such a loving family. I met this beautiful family when Larena was this little and she gave me such gorgeous photos, so no wonder Nokogadi was so amazing during her shoot :D Thank you to this loving family for bringing me into your home to capture this time for you :D

Ashton 6 weeks photos

Almost 3 years ago I meet this wonderful family to welcome little Tyler, now a energetic little toddler the King family welcomes their second son :D We had so much fun doing this lifestyle shoot, inspired by Tyler’s shoot. This boys are going to be the best brothers and I’m sure they going to keep their family very busy :D

True Love

Like most men, you looked at me funny when I asked if I could do a couple shoot with you and mom. You smilingly said, “Do I have to” hehehe I told you that these photos weren’t for you, or even for mom, I wanted them for us kids and grandkids, because we didn’t have any nice pics of you two together.
I never once thought that this would be what it is… the last photos I would ever be able to take of you. The photos we would use in your eulogy… the photos we would hang in our homes… the ones we would face when talking to you, coz we couldn’t call you on the phone.
I look back at the 1st picture and when I took it I knew never would I ever be able to capture another photo that showed what True Love is more than that picture.
There were so many more pictures from this shoot… but I couldn’t go through them all… I couldn’t even see through my eyes as the tears were pouring down. We are so blessed to have these moments captured forever…

My last holiday with you

It’s been a year today… since I last hugged you… since I last kissed you goodbye. While I got to talk to you over the phone after this… Its the last time I felt your touch. Its taken me a year to put this blog post together of my last holiday with you.

I arrived in CT so excited to spend a week with both of you, especially coz it was Mom’s birthday the day after I arrived. It will always be one of the most precious times I could have had with you both and I will always remember it.

Joshua J Kruger Newborn Photos

This little man is incredibly loved :D He has family from across the pond (USA) and they have really spoiled him, just as much as his family her in South Africa. His Aunty is a wonderful photographer, and she so badly wanted to come and do his first photoshoot, sadly she was unable to, so she got hold of me and gifted them a lovely newborn shoot for sweet little Joshua.
He is on the bigger side of baby’s I’ve photographed, I mean just look at those gorgeous chubby cheeks ♥ I am so smitten with him :D And am so excited to share his photoshoot ♥

Nicholas First Birthday Photos

I meet this beautiful family 9 months ago before the immigrated, when little Nicholas was 3 months old. I was very excited when Fee contacted me to capture his first birthday photo I was very excited that they were coming back to SA to celebrate with family and friends :D We also got to surprise everyone with some exciting news :D