Gorgeous Newborn Photography in the Comfort of Your Own Home

I come to you and take stunning photos for you to never forget how small your baby once was.

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Abi and her Furbabies

Change in life is inevitable, but it isn’t always easy, and sometimes you have to do things that are hard, in order to get where you need to be. Recently one of my good friends had to say goodbye to some of her little furbabies, something I could never imagine doing. Before her final goodbyes we went into her home studio and created some beautifully touching memories <3

Aarya Newborn Photos

I recently meet this sweet little princess, who although she was a little big older, was a super star for me on her photoshoot day ♥ Her mommy and daddy must be so proud of her :D

Kyra Reese 6 month Photos

Can you believe 6 months have passed since I met this little cutie for her newborn photoshoot. I absolutely love this family, and wish they’d never stop having babies :P Look how gorgeous little Kyra is, and her big brother Caden has stolen my heart from the very beginning ♥ I can’t wait to see you guys in another 6 months to celebrate Kyra turning One :D

Cathy maternity photos

A couple weeks ago I met up with the De Dominicis family to make some memories before they welcome their 3rd little baby, these boys are really excited to get a brand new baby brother next week, and soon I’ll be able to capture the new family of 5 ♥

Magalhaes Family Photos

A few weeks back I met up with the Magalhaes family for a fun photoshoot in the park. The kids were little superstars like every time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them :D Thank you guys for bringing me into your beautiful family to make memories with you ♥

2014 Christmas Mini Session Photos

This years Christmas Themed Mini Sessions was an absolute blast :D The kids were amazing, and the parents were great singing songs and dancing like clowns to get their little ones to laugh. All I can say is I wish I had a video camera on the back of my head so I could capture the crazy antics HAHAHAHA Thank you to everyone who made this day come together ♥

Joshua’s Newborn Photos (Rock-A-Baby Winner)

About a month ago I had a stall at the very chique Rock – A – Baby fair. At the fair I gave away a newborn shoot and a cake smash :D Meet Joshua, the little winner of the newborn shoot ♥ At only 4 days young he totally rocked his newborn shoot and his mommy and daddy couldn’t have been prouder :D Congrats on your sweet little boy ♥ May he bring you so much joy :D

Nathan’s Newborn Photos

3 years ago I met up with the Lintvelt family to capture their sweet little Allegra’s newborn photos. I was delighted to hear from them again when they called me to come capture some more special memories for their newest addition Nathan. To date Nathan is the biggest baby I have ever had the pleasure of photographing :D At 16 days old he weighed in at a wopping 5kg. He was so delicious with his chubby cheeks and sweet smiles. No wonder his big sister just can’t get enough of him ♥