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Teichner Family Photos

I recently got to meet up with sweet little Kayla and Ethan and their wonderful grandparents :D We had a great time playing in their garden, with the puppies and bubbles. How sweet are these priceless memories with this sweet family :D

Ahera Grace Newborn Photos

Two weeks ago I got to meet this gorgeous little girl, it must have been the quickest booked newborn shoot I’d ever done with mom contacting me the day before hehehehe. Little Ahera Grace was such a trooper at 3 weeks, and nearer the end of her shoot she decided she didn’t want to miss her time in the spotlight, and so a star is born ♥ She was even born with some teeth to go with her gorgeous big smile :D

Blake Harper Newborn Photos

Sweet little Blake surprised her family by arriving 5 weeks early, she really couldn’t wait to meet her wonderful parents ♥ We had a blast together doing Blake’s photos, she slept and slept and slept and posed so beautifully just like her mommy had hoped she would. We even got some sweet sibling photos with her Fur brother and sister :D

Lienke Nova’s Newborn Photos

Sweet little Lienke was the 1st little angel I got to meet this year, at 3 weeks she slept and posed like the best of them. We were so so happy because mom really wanted the squishy sleepy photos :D Congratulations to this new Mommy and Daddy or their sweet little princess

Layla’s Newborn Photos

Little Miss L’s shoot was my last shoot for 2014, She is such a little cutie, and the apple of her Daddy’s eye. You can see she already has him wrapped around her pinky hehehe. Congratulations on to this beautiful family ♥

Giana’s Newborn Photos

I recently met with this amazing family, who had just welcomed their 3rd sweet little girl. I have to say they make gorgeous children :D Little Giana was a dream model, literally she dreamed through her whole shoot :P We got a record number of Chin in Hands poses :D Thank you Roque Family for welcoming me with open arms to capture this very special time for you ♥

Emily Sophia’s Newborn Photos

When I met up with Kirsten and Rudi, we had no idea that 2 days later they would be welcoming their sweet little angel. She came 5 weeks early, in time to celebrate her 1st Christmas :D She is so dainty and perfect, congrats guys ♥

Nicci Newborn Photos

This little sweetheart already has such a personality :D She was very adamant with what I could and couldn’t do, but in time she let me pose her in the sweet poses her mommy was hoping for :D I can’t get over how beautiful this little girl is with the longest eyelashes ♥

Stapelton Family

I recently met up with the Stapelton family, to make some sweet memories with their new addition Erin :D We had fun walking around this lovely park while Tristan gave me the cutest dinosaur faces :D